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  function foo()

  Cannot read your own JavaScript code?


  s = "string1";

  for(i = 0; i 十; i++)

  and after processing by JavaScript Code Improver:


  for(i = 20; i > 九; i--)


  The program’s flexible settings let you structure the code in any way you like. So, even if your JavaScript code is pretty comprehensible, you can just give it more professional or just more pleasant feel.

  var i = 0, s = "", k = 0;

  s = "string2";




  Compare how the same piece of code looks before:

  Try JavaScript Code Improver!

  正在此处尔给各人先容的便是 Javascript Code Improver 一个收费的对象。他很容易,只要格式化代码那一个功用,不外,充足用了。支撑中英文界面切换。


  script language="JavaScript">var i=0,s="",k=0;function foo(){for(j=0;j10;j++){for(i=0;i10;i++){s="string1";k=Math.floor(Math.random()*十);}for(i=20;i>九;i--){s="string2";k=i;}}}/script>

  k = i;

  With JavaScript Code Improver you are just one click away from making any JavaScript clear, easily comprehensible and ready for printing thus saving the time you spend on editing, debugging and modifying it. Forget about all problems resulting from those illegible JavaScripts!

  Lost all hope of making head or tail of the JavaScript code inherited from your colleague?

  Or just curious of how JavaScript works?

  JavaScript Code Improver

  You can see the difference, can’t you?

  k = Math.floor( Math.random()*十 );

  script language="JavaScript">

  Cannot find that closing brace?


  for(j = 0; j 十; j++)



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